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Monday, May 29, 2006

We are Empty Nesters-

That's right, our last fledgling has cleared the nest and has headed west for parts unknown. Noah headed out Saturday afternoon to seek his future. Not his fortune neccesarily, but his future. He thinks he might be headed for Oregon or Washington and he is looking for some fiendly hippies to hang out with. When he called this morning he was in Winnemucca Nevada and thought his next stop would be Lake Tahoe.

His mom has been really upset with his barely thought out plan and she is unhappy with me for not being more concerned with the same scheme. I keep reminding her that Noah is 22 years old, not 16 and there's not much I can do now that I haven't already done for him.

So we have no idea when he might be back or where he will end up in the coming weeks or months. I just hope he finds what he is looking for...

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